Craft Consortium Circus

Well, they have done it again. Every time they release a range I state its my favourite, then they release another and its then my next favourite. I will clear my desk and all other ongoing projects or plans for my day (not much other than crime boxsets and snacking in this current climate) and I will spend all day looking at the range and deciding what I can do.

I treated myself to the complete bundle as there was a discount code a while back and I got both the 12×12″ and 6×6″ paper pad, all 3 stamp sets, 3 washi tapes, metal charms, the stick on stars and the wooden shapes. I am in love, its safe to say.

This definitely wont be my last card or blog post on this range. Even though I don’t agree with the animals that are used or used to be used in the circus industry these stamp versions are just positively beautiful and the whole range has a ‘Greatest Showman’ vibe to it and that in itself is a good good good thing.

This card is a diorama card, that I made using the measurements by Sam at Mixed Up Craft, where a diorama piece is added onto the front of a standard card. I just knew this card designed screamed to be made into a ‘Big Top’ style card and et voila…

Hope you like them xx

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