Charity Shop Haul (A long time ago)

Shopping for craft supplies can be quite expensive when you start adding it up. I do love my new crafting goodies, but sometimes a good mooch around a charity shop can be just as exciting, sometimes even more so. I love supporting charity in general and donate a lot of belongings and money throughout the year. I also love the fact that someone else’s trash can be your treasure, its also a great way of recycling.

Today my father and I decided we would take some donations over to the shop and treat ourselves to a wonder around. We would no doubt come back with more than we had dropped off. We definitely did!

So after a couple of blanks in some of our favourite charity shops, we decided to go to some smaller ones on the way home… And voila!!!

Hamper full of fabrics, can’t beat it. I found some beautiful tartan material, which is a lovely rich colour and extremely christmassy. I saw it and instantly thought Christmas stockings and sacks. Then there was some material that had a dainty Holly and Ivy print. Perfect for bits of home decor. £2.50!

Next was a good rummage around the little baskets of mixed bits and bobs, another win! Buttons, tacks, threads, knitting needles and sketching charcoals. I love searching through these baskets, as its like Aladdin’s cave in a basket. I love collecting buttons as they are useful in every craft project. I usually use mine for bunting, and as extra special embellishments on cards or bags. 40p.

Best purchase: 732 Pillar box red envelopes. (yes thats right we counted them) Last stop and we spotted a box of envelopes, and decided to haggle for the full box. They are a nice mix of C5, C6 and DL and perfect for the festive season. £7!!!

Hope you manage to find some bargains in your local ones.

Will also like to thank Sam at Mixed Up Crafts who inspired me to write posts about Charity Shop findings, after watching her youtube videos.

Madison x

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