Satchel Bag


After watching many and many hours of Sams, Mixed up Craft videos and many further hours making the cards, bags and home decor I decided to post a blog about one thing Ive made. For once actually quite proud of.

One of her most recent posts, was of a Satchel Bag, she has does some other tutorials about making these style of bags and I myself have took the plunge and started playing around with different styles and measurements to adapt them to exactly what I wanted.

I sat down and got out a new 12×12 pad which I got recently and decided to make it and see what I could remember from the tutorial. Luckily for me, I remembered it all 🙂

Here is my satchel 🙂 I have altered it with no straps to close it, as I wanted to see more of the patterned paper pocket I had on the front of the bag, so it simply closes with a magnet and I added a bird embellishment tag and a cat button style sticker on the base. The irony.

Hope you like. Stay safe. x

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